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2017 New Year

Time:2012-01-17 11:11:50Clicks:8319
In a few hours, the New Year bell will ring.
Hi hi Chinese people all over the country:

In a few hours, the New Year bell will ring.

We are about to bid farewell to 2016, ushered in the first ray of sunshine in 2017. On the occasion of the new year, I to work in the national marketing line of "high Hi" family, to the Guangzhou branch, Northwest Branch, Nantong headquarters of the brothers and sisters, to all the concern and support resistance to customers and friends like construction and development, extend new year greetings!

Have to pay, there will be harvest. 2016, is the "hi hi" brand building of the first year, the whole family to pay a lot, but also a lot of harvest. This year, the national marketing network and comprehensive strength, brand promotion is high high, and intensive and meticulous farming product innovation, model innovation, and promote the ecological improvement of the whole industry. In the joint efforts of all the family, the standardization of the construction of enterprises, to promote the smooth implementation of professionalism, anti hi brand propaganda and campaign ahead of schedule to achieve the desired results.

This year, we successfully completed the layout of the national marketing network. The successful implementation of the "seed", "Dandelion plan", "sword plan" and a series of marketing plan, through the whole process of "intervention" marketing strategy, in order to train for the traction, highlight the function of resistance like business school ". Over the past year, company executives personally visited the market, and the network linkage, point to point, face to face, heart to heart, removed the dozens of city, travel thousands of kilometers, in-depth marketing team training, participate in the hotel, hotel promotion association alliance. At the same time, the WeChat group marketing team interaction, help sales team to solve the problems, so that a large number of hesitation, wait-and-see, questioning partners, to dispel the concerns of my heart, collective wisdom, firmly believe that the strength of the brand, in a short span of 7 months, complete the shaping and promotion of the brand.

This year, we have the spirit of "problems", "face" and "problem solving" attitude, always adhere to the "market for traction", with "customer oriented", deepen the internal reform of enterprises, comprehensively promote the "strategic culture foundation, strong quality, level of talent, the cadres team building team, do the brand construction of talent reserve. At the same time, increase research and development efforts. As a revolutionary and innovators hotel linen industry, we always put product innovation, model innovation as enterprise evergreen, tide brand lifeline yongli. In 2016, we developed the "hotel linen yarn dyed" technology, has become a model for industry to imitate and sought after, leading the industry trend of hotel linen product innovation, especially in the past Guangzhou exhibition, there have been more than and 20 peer to imitate.

This year, with our strong strength of enterprises, standardize the marketing time correction hotel linen industry. We have a strong brand development concept, standardize the production process, strict product quality, to meet the needs of the times, the use of modern network thinking, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade marketing model. We put forward the "Hi linen washing fastness resistance than similar products increased by 15% - 30%" commitment, creativity will be the hotel side and supply chain to form a community, proposed "buy high like linen is equal to the hotel investment" concept of cooperation, through DT data management, enhance the hotel occupancy rate, the realization of "hotel linen gratis" claims. At the same time, for the convenience of the marketing personnel market operation, we launched the first two volumes in the industry, "a" ERP system "," management system ", unified marketing technique, unified image, strictly implement the regional management system, and constantly enhance the brand authority.

This year, we have a lot of problems, such as product details, customer service communication skills, etc.. The occurrence of some problems, but also deeply saddened to bring some confusion and annoyance to front-line marketers. We will continue to work hard, will be able to effectively solve these problems.

Looking back on the past, we have confidence in the future, we are full of pride. 2017 is a very important year in the development of hi hi brand.

2017, we will continue to adhere to the brand strategy does not shake. Focus on the characteristics of Chinese hotel industry, and comprehensively promote the "ten factory, 100, 1000 stores program, relying on the platform resources, in the market on the basis of the existing production base, will move forward in the security system, to fight on the basis of comprehensively promoting the lower channel, terminal coverage, to achieve the" 24 hour service support system". Guangzhou to further expand the production capacity of the production base, with products and marketing advantages, further expand marketing channels and outlets, improve the existing value of more than 50%; further refinement and optimization of northwest regional market layout, accelerate the construction of production base in the northwest, the northwest production base influence, rapid implementation of resistance like this brand of market penetration; to accelerate the implementation of establishment of spinning and weaving base project in Xinjiang, the rapid implementation of the industrial chain supporting the project process. Accelerate the southwest production base in Chengdu, the preparatory work of the Northeast production base construction project.

In 2017, we will further strengthen the development of new products. The company will introduce advanced production equipment and management experience, to meet the current development trend of hotel linen industry, developed a series of unique high-tech products, according to the progress of research and development, the first limited edition of unique new products, will be unveiled next year's Xi'an exhibition and "Hi China resistant" brand marketing for first year and achievement display conference

In 2017, we will continue to further promote the "sword plan". To further improve the implementation of the evaluation system of marketing team, not as the implementation of brand loyalty is not eliminated at the end of the marketing team, and let those who work hard, enterprising, willing to stay with the same brand and family, really share the fruits of victory like resistance brand development. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the current layout of the work of the blank area of the market, to attract outstanding partners to join the cause of hi hi together.

2017, we will further strengthen the propaganda work. Enhance brand awareness and reputation. We will list the special funds through the hotel purchasing alliance, the hotel industry summit for display products, mode of propaganda, direct penetration of the terminal; the outdoor advertising, highway ground air column publicity; publicity through the network promotion, TV advertising. At the beginning of 2017, we will jointly Qiangqiang and China linen trading network, the strong launch of the "most beautiful high satisfactory" online voting, the brand with a partner like resistance to be introduced, played a good social effect.

Dear families:

In 2017, the hopes and challenges, risks and opportunities of the year, let us work together with no distractions to do business, undivided attention and development, to meet the great change of hotel linen industry!

Let us together with the broadcast Chunhua, received a total of qiushi! A total of real Chinese dream, hi hi dream, Chinese dream!

May every family dream come true!

Jiangsu Huashi Textile Co., Ltd.

December 31, 2016